Thursday, August 7, 2008

The following information was developed in the Planning Session August 7, 2008. Please send your improvements, corrections, and suggestions to Craig Hullinger for inclusion in the next revised draft.


August 7, 2008 - Working Draft

Representatives from the City of Peoria, the Peoria Housing Authority, Peoria School District 150, the Peoria Park District, and other citizens met to refine the concept plan for the Southern Gateway of the City. The following are some of the initial recommendations. Participants and Citizens are encouraged to submit their thoughts and suggestions for possible incorporation into the plan.

The Peoria School District 150 will build a new School north of Krause and west of Griswold over the next two years. The Peoria Housing Authority will redevelop the Harrison Homes development over the next 5 years. The City of Peoria created the Eagle View TIF last year, resulting in 4 private commercial redevelopments. The City anticipates an additional 30 redevelopments over the next ten years.

The City has also commissioned a study to determine the best location for a new major road leading into the Eagle View Industrial Park south of Adams. Part of this redevelopment includes a Green Sustainable Business Park, and over 200 acres of public open space on the Illinois River. Timing is dependant on finding a private developer willing to make the investment.

The City is also working with IDOT and the Consulting Firm Christopher Burke to determine when and how to improve the Adams Street Corridor. This improvement may take place in about 5 years, and could include narrowing Adams Street from 7 to 5 lanes, with intense landscaping and a bikeway replacing the two lanes.


As part of the Southern Gateway Eagle View TIF Plan, the City of Peoria plans the redevelopment of the Eagle View area – bounded by I-474, the Illinois River, and both sides of Adams Street. The site has excellent access to the River, Rail, and I-474. Logical users of the park include Illinois clean coal power plants, ethanol plants. The City is working to attract quality investors to this park. A large open space along the River is planned. The park is an excellent area for viewing eagles as well as for fishing and hiking.

The Following Improvements are Proposed

· Improve the streetscape of Adams Street

· Revitalize commercial along Adams Street

· Revitalize and rebuild the Adams Street Corridor

· Attract new investment to the commercial areas

· Reduce Adams Street from 7 lanes to 5

· Increase landscaping and add a bikeway to Adams

· Improve commercial investment on Griswold

· Redevelop Darst / Clark industrial area

· Create Eagle View Park

· Plan and construct Eagle View Road

· School Neighborhood improvements at Harrison School

· Redevelop the Harrison Homes Site

· Target Public Works improvements to the area

· Increase Code Enforcement near the school

· Improve Public Safety near the school

· Encourage improved housing with incentives

Timing of Improvements:

· School Construction – as determined by School District 150 - Within 2 Years

· Adams Street Reconstruction – as determined by IDOT and City - Within 5 Years

· Commercial Redevelopment – as determined by private business - 1 to 15 Years

· Public Housing Renewal – as determined by the PHA - Within 5 Years

· City Neighborhood Improvements – as determined by City budget - Within 5 Years

Rough Estimated Total Cost of All Investments: $175,000,000

Target Area

Generally bounded by the Illinois River, the southern city limits, Laramie Avenue, Grinnell Street, Griswold Street, Krause Avenue, north on Adams Street and east on Edmund Street

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