Wednesday, May 21, 2008


1st Draft May 15, 2008

1. Coordinate School Neighborhood Improvements with the Eagle View Redevelopment Plan and TIF.

2. Revitalize and rebuild the Adams Street Corridor, attracting new investment to the commercial areas.

3. Reduce Adams Street from 7 lanes to 5, devoting the saved land to landscaping and a bikeway.

4. Improve commercial investment on Griswold.

5. Redevelop Darst / Clark industrial area.

6. Create Eagle View Park.

7. Plan and construct Eagle View Road.

8. Redevelop the Harrison Homes Site.

9. Target Public Works improvements to the area.

10. Increase Code Enforcement near the school

11. Improve Public Safety near the school.

12. Encourage improved housing with incentives.
Timing of Improvements:

School Construction – as determined by School District 150

Adams Street Reconstruction – as determined by IDOT and City

Commercial Redevelopment – as determined by private business

Public Housing Renewal – as determined by the PHA

City Neighborhood Improvements – as determined by City budget

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